Ireton Medical Clinic

The Ireton Medical Clinic has been closed as of January 7, 2008.

I remember how the Ireton Clinic got started: In 1980 and 1981 I met with a committee from Ireton about opening a satellite office in Ireton. As I remember it, the committee was Terry Huitink, Marty Tozcek and Gerald Juffer. The location of the Ireton Medical Clinic had been a bowling alley and the community was interested in providing a service and finding a use for the building. A loan was obtained from Sioux County and the Ireton Medical Clinic was created.

In November 1981 Glenda VerHoeven was hired and we opened. Again, my memory is that Jacob Liston was the first patient in that office and the 26 years have been exciting.

Initially, the building was shared with Kathy Keltz, OD, who used the back portion of the office for eye exams and optemetric services. That was for a couple years before circumstances forced Dr. Keltz to cease operations in Ireton. The other portion of the building was used as the City Hall, Senior Center, Voting Place, Dance Hall, and - well, you get the idea. When the new Ireton Community Center was constructed many of those functions were moved to the new facility. But the City Clerk remained the the back.

During my eviction from the clinic in Hawarden by the Hawarden Hospital, this little satellite office served as the only practice location. The small structure that was origionally designed for a part-time office for at most three people was invaded by 8 to 9 people and was hosting over 20 patient visits a day. I can't imagine how we managed that activity in an office that small. When the office building in Hawarden was finshed in 1996 we returned to Hawarden and the Ireton Medical Clinic returned to the quiet, cozy satellite office it had been designed to be.

It has been a great location to have a satellite office and I really love the community and my Ireton patients. But time marches on and with it, changes to the regulations and requirements of a practice location, the expectations of our patients and the staffing needs. I am sorry to close the office and very sorry for the inconvenience this causes to our patients. We continue to provide care in the Hawarden office and hope to see you there.

All the patient records from the Ireton Medical Clinic have been moved to Hawarden. If you have any questions, please call the Hawarden Family Medical Center (Dr. Harvey's and Teri's office) at any time.