Appointments and Scheduling

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Hawarden Office
Phone (712) 551-1000

Our Appointment Philosophy:

  1. Every patient with an acute problem should be seen the day they call whenever possible.
  2. Every emergency should be seen as soon as possible (in the clinic or the emergency department)
  3. We will try to work around your schedule with noon and evening hours and Saturday morning appointments.
  4. No one should have wait longer than 20 minutes past their appointment time.

In an effort to live by these goals, we would ask that you please notify us if you are running late or are unable to keep your appointment. Appointments will be held 20 minutes. If you are more than 20 minutes late, your appointment may not remain available. If you don't keep your appointment and do not call to let us know on more than one occasion, we reserve the right to bill you for the missed appointment. This will NOT be covered by your insurance.

New Appointment option

We are now able to offer appointments through the lunch (noon) hours. You can call the clinic and be seen during your lunch break to avoid having to take time off from your job to get a cold treated or a medicine renewed. In addition to the evening hours Mondays and Thursdays and the Saturday morning appointments, we have made it more convenient for you to be seen in the office. ***Please note, since Teri is there alone, the availability of lunch time appointments on Thursdays may be limited.***


Our office hours are posted below. We make every attempt to provide office hours to accommodate your schedule. The office remains open during the noon hour. There is always someone around during these hours to make an appointment, check on lab work, clarify a bill or ask a question. While we have after hours services for emergency medical questions and problems, we are not able to make appointments or retrieve lab work after regular business hours.

Schedule for Hawarden Family Medical Clinic
  AM 8:30- 12:30 PM 12:30- 4:45

Evening 5:00- 7:00

Monday Dr. H. and Teri Dr. H. and Teri Teri
Tuesday Dr. H. and Teri Dr. H. and Teri  
Wednesday Dr. H. and Teri Dr. H. and Teri  
Thursday Teri Teri Dr. H.
Friday Dr. H. and Teri Dr. H. and Teri  
Saturday Dr. H. or Teri    

After Hours

While we are affiliated with the Hawarden Community Hospital. we are very rarely able to provide emergency room services to our patients due to constraints placed on us by the hospital. The hospital has hired providers to staff the Emergency Department and the hospital is obviously very anxious to have their doctors provide care for financial reasons. If it is during the day, and if you specifically request HFMC to attend to your care, the hospital MAY call us. However we have no control over this decision.

However, we do provide telephone access for our patients 24 hours a day for emergency health-related concerns. We try hard not to use an answering machine after hours. When the office is closed, the HFMC phones are transferred to Dr. Harvey. This after hours service is for medical questions and emergencies. The regular office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday and 9:00-12:00 noon Saturday mornings.

(you probably won't get anyone too early in the morning. Dr. Harvey is NOT a morning person)